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10 April, 2018 in ESSAY TIPS
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To tell you the truth, one of the secrets to composing a perfect descriptive essay is to succeed in creating a picture in the mind of your reading audience. What is more, you should engage all five senses – sight, smell, touch, sound, and taste. Bear in mind, if you are able to do this, it means your piece of writing is successful. If not, then you’d rather begin doing a lot of important work.

1. Choosing a topic

Descriptive writing deals usually with focusing on a single person, event, item, or location. Remember, when you work on your essay, the main requirement for you ought to be conveying your idea that concerns your topic by describing that topic, as well as the way you decided to arrange things for your audience.

Having chosen one of the descriptive essay topics, keep in mind that you should follow the exact and relevant structure of your piece of writing. Thus, thanks to getting to know more about the structure of an essay, you can undoubtedly help your topic to become comprehensible. If you need to describe an event, you will be supposed to take into consideration chronological order of your paragraphs. If you work on an essay about a place or a person, it is necessary for you to order all of the paragraphs in such a way that you begin from the general information and proceed with writing details that are more specific. Do you know how to begin an essay? Don’t forget that your introductory paragraph is the one that points out the tone of the rest of your essay. As a result, make up your mind regarding how many paragraphs in an essay should be and take your time to include in the introductory paragraph the significant ideas you are going to develop in your essay.

2. Creating a statement

As you see, the next essential step is writing a relevant thesis statement. Basically, this is believed to be a single idea that ought to be leading throughout your essay. Apart from setting out the main purpose of the essay, it regulates the manner in what the pieces of information are conveyed in the actual writing of that essay.

3. Getting the senses right

To start the ball rolling, take a sheet of paper and draw five labelled columns. As a matter of fact, each of them is supposed to have a certain sense out of five. Obviously, such a list will indubitably be helpful in sorting out your thoughts while describing your topic –sight, sound, smell, touch, and taste of your topic you can sketch out among those five columns. The best thing to do would be listing out in each column any feeling or sensation that your associations concerning the topic are connected with. A descriptive essay is one of the types of papers in which you need to think of many sensory details because of the necessity of supporting the thesis. Thus, utilizing various literary tools, in particular similes, metaphors, descriptive adjectives, and personification could be a very useful idea.

4. Creating an outline

What is a descriptive essay? As soon as you have leant exactly what this type of writing means, it’s high time to create a descriptive essay outline. What is more, you should list the most important details of the discussion with regard to each paragraph. According to the descriptive writing definition, high school students are usually asked to write an essay, which consists of five paragraphs while there isn’t any precise limit concerning the length of their essay.

5. Writing the conclusion

Before creating your own conclusion, you might also look at some other examples of descriptive essays. In fact, the conclusion paragraph summarizes the main points that were mentioned in your descriptive essay. Remember to reaffirm your thesis.

6. Reviewing your essay

Step away from your writing for some time. After that, look through the essay freshly and make the necessary changes. Now you know how to write an essay fast.