Cultural Diversityin Nursing. Caring for Muslim Patients

Cultural Diversityin Nursing. Caring for Muslim Patients

When taking care of a Muslim patient, the needless touching in between people of different sex is highly discouraged. The left hand specifically is considered unclean. Therefore, the right hand is preferred for use in administering treatment and in feeding.

Organization’s Workers Diversity

Organization’s Workers Diversity

Diversity management is a human resource process aimed at creating and maintaining positive, working atmosphere where differences and similarities of all individuals feel valued. These processes ensure that employees maximize their contributions and reach their potentials as they work towards the achievement of a company’s strategic goals and objectives.

The Іndіvіduаl аnd the Envіrоnment

The Іndіvіduаl аnd the Envіrоnment

Greаt аmоunt оf reseаrches where carried out by schоlаrs аnd desіgners іn оrder tо аnswer а cоuple оf questіоns cоncernіng essentіаl feаtures оf neіghbоrhооd spаces thаt drаw peоple frоm theіr hоmes encоurаgіng them tо lіnger tоgether оutdооrs аnd engаge wіth neіghbоrs іn а wаy thаt suppоrts аnd buіlds cоmmunіty.


History Paper

Prague is known for its cosmopolitan nature. It was occupied by the Jews, Germans, and Czechs. In 1939, Germany took over the city and subjected it to the Nazi rules. It was the time when Jews were eliminated from the city. Most of the Jews were killed during the holocaust, while others fled away from the city.

human resourse

Human Resource

Human resources are the main engine and the source of strength of the economic system. Personnel management includes the careful and gradual work with professionals or employees of the organization, and then, people management by combining the communication between the control and co-workers. In this wide sphere it is extremely difficult to manage human resources and the work scope.

Young father

Perceptions of Young Fathers Regarding Fatherhood

Young fathers are often at risk of fewer employment opportunities, lower educational achievement and low socio-economic status. In addition, young fathers face a number of emotional and psychological difficulties. The proposed study will seek to investigate the attitudes, beliefs and needs of prospective young fathers with respect to fatherly roles.



Culture characterizes a particular group of individuals, and it is defined by such aspects as arts, cuisine, music, social habits, and religion. Nowadays, in America as well as in other nation states largely populated by migrants, culture is affected by the peculiarities of numerous groups of people. Fundamentally, cultures are constantly changing. They are internally influenced by forces that resist and encourage changes.

Exploratory essay

Discovering Exploratory Essay Topics

Exploratory essays stand out among other types of academic writing since they suggest an insightful journey of discovering the topic of your choice or assignment. Exploratory essay topics present an incredible pool for research and broadening both your knowledge and mind.

How to Write a Great College Application Essay

How to Write a Common Application Essay

Being a student, you definitely know how to write a college paper. You start with a good introduction, write several paragraphs, and finalize your essay with a good conclusion. However, when writing a college application essay, you can totally forget about this structure. Writing an application essay requires much more skills and dedication than writing a simple essay.

Personal Essays

Personal Essay Examples (Or How to Become an Outstanding Essayist)

Before we immerse into the peculiarities of a successful personal essay, let us make sure we are on the same page with a personal essay definition. This literary piece allows students so much freedom in terms of what to write about, that it is difficult to define it or provide universal personal essay examples.