Choosing a Topics to Write about in Argumentative Essay
26 April, 2018 in ESSAY TOPICS
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Argumentative Essay Topics for college

Writing a college assignment is never easy especially when we’re talking about essays. Every time a professor gives you a topic to write about you immediately think of ways to start an essay and how to argument it, you almost  feel like it would be easier if you were the one to choose things to write about. Yet, the moment your teacher gives you a free pass you wish you had a specific topic to talk about. Annoying, isn’t it?

There are many kinds of college assignments and argumentative essay is one of them. It’s an easy way to test your English. However, one of the main reasons argumentative essays exist is to see if students are able to develop an argument and think critically on a specific topic. 

The first step of your assignment , if it’s a free pass, is to choose an interesting argument and consider some good essay titles. As you already know there are a lot of college essay ideas to take into consideration:  politics, economy, technological progress, military, death penalty and many others.

When picking a topic for your paper always remember to choose an argument with contradictive ideas. A winning argumentative essay example is definitely political debates. You have to show the reader that you are able to defend your idea and present your point of view.  Also, it’s a good thing to avoid topics on moral issues, try something relevant to society.

It’s a debatable paper that must include both analysis and fair criticism of the problem. Make sure you have enough support sources because when it’s time to say something to defend your opinion you’ll need solid arguments to do so. Otherwise, your professor won’t find it relevant and as a result you’ll get a lower grade.

For those who are trying to get business administration degrees (BBA or MBA) could analyze marketing or HRM tools and observe what are the most effective approaches. Healthcare experts and nurse should consider to discuss the efficiency of different treatments.

Once you find your topic start working on your essay outline, always remember to keep an eye on the format your teacher gave you and there we chosen list of college essay heading for you: 

  1. Gender discrimination in the military
  2. Why does religion exist in society?
  3. What happens after you die?
  4. What is teenage pregnancy causes and effects?
  5. Do standardized tests show an accurate view of students’ abilities?
  6. Is the death penalty effective pros and cons
  7. Reasons for animal testing
  8. Effects of feminism on society
  9. Importance of politics in our life
  10. Government corruption
  11. Reasons why abortion is a crime
  12. Does age matter in a relationship when the woman is older
  13. Paternity leave for men
  14. Negative effects of fast food on the environment
  15. Are video games linked to violence
  16. Does the fashion industry cause eating disorders?
  17. Reasons why sleep is important
  18. Psychological effects of horror movies
  19. How diet affects sports performance
  20. Difference between active and passive smoking
  21. Online dating safe or not
  22. Evidence against global warming
  23. Reasons why parents should not be held responsible for their children's crimes
  24. Reasons why hunting should be banned
  25. Should old buildings be preserved or demolished?
  26. Should tattoos be allowed in the workplace?
  27. Negative social effects of reality tv on society
  28. Torture is not justified for national security
  29. Why gun control is good?
  30. Should the drinking age be raised?
  31. Arguments against gay marriage
  32. Is the electoral process fair and effective?
  33. Cell phone radiation effects on human body
  34. Do law enforcement cameras violate the right to privacy?
  35. How has child behavior changed over the years?
  36. Pros and cons of child advertising
  37. Why condoms should not be distributed in schools?
  38. Do professional athletes make too much money?
  39. Do sports teams have a responsibility to hold players to a standard for their personal conduct?
  40. Should creationism be taught in science classes?