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3 April, 2018 in ESSAY TIPS
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A persuasive essay is the one which should persuade the reader to take the writer’s point of view on a certain topic. In a persuasive paper, you have to do the following:

• Describe your opinion on a debatable issue.

• Anticipate possible objections and overcome them with strong evidence that support your position.

• Persuade readers to adopt your opinion.

Let’s look at these points in detail.

Selecting an Issue to Discuss

It is necessary to select a topic on which several reasonable viewpoints exist. Before you start writing the persuasive essay outline, make sure your topic is debatable. While selecting a topic, keep in mind that it is often easier to convince others when you have an interest in something. If there is an opportunity, choose a subject that you are interested in. Create a list of your viewpoints and feelings about that subject. 

However, it is not necessary to have passion towards the topics of all the persuasive articles you write. Sometimes, students are even asked to write about the opinion that is opposite to their beliefs. If you have a similar assignment and are asked to argue for a certain opinion, try to imagine that you are a person who has passion towards this issue, and create a list of your viewpoints and feelings. Often, such assignments provide good persuasive essay topics. This is quite complicated, but it is also rewarding. When you learn to be convincing on a topic you yourself do not actually support, you get a valuable life skill. Due to such practice of looking at a certain subject from different perspectives, you will learn a lot.

Anticipating and Overcoming Objections

One of the great persuasive writing prompts is discussing a chosen topic with someone else before starting to write. This way, you will eliminate some directions an essay could take and suggest others. Ask someone about their viewpoint on your topic and then test your point of view. It is necessary to listen carefully to their viewpoints, especially if you disagree with them. This will provide a preview of expected responses from the readers. Ask your interlocutors why they feel that way. If you wonder how to start a persuasive essay, it is important to acknowledge and truly understand opposing opinions and overcome them with your persuasiveness. Always take the opposing points of view seriously and avoid oversimplifying them.

To stick proper persuasive essay format, gather facts and evidence which support your opinion and refute opposing points of view. Check every source you can and take thorough and then use them to produce a strong argument. Then, discuss your arguments with a friend, parent, or teacher to ensure you have covered everything that is important. Write down a thesis statement, where you describe what you are going to prove in a persuasive essay and list your reasons underneath it. Now, when you know the answer to the question what is persuasive writing, list the facts and examples which help support each of your reasons.

Convincing Readers

The persuasive writing definition assumes convincing readers to take your opinion. It is important to give your readers the respect due them. Do not think that your opponents have no understanding of the issue. You should rely on logic rather than emotion, and use words which will elicit a positive reaction from your readers. 

While writing a persuasive essay, define any terms which you think your readers have no understanding about, and provide examples for your arguments. Use statistics and visual images to grab the readers’ attention. Remember that people are more likely to remember the points which are placed at the beginning and end of an essay.

What Is a Persuasive Essay? It is a paper with a strong conclusion. This part has to summarize your viewpoint and say something beyond those points. Prove to your audience why this issue is important and demonstrate what they can gain if they change their opinion.