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16 April, 2018 in ESSAY TIPS
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What is Expository Writing?

Using expository writing, you need to give a clear explanation of some object or problem. It can be done in many ways, for example, by comparing several examples and the main features of the object under the study. You can also make a description and analysis of a phenomenon.

What is an Expository Essay?

Here is an expository essay definition. This is a kind of paper that is based on expository writing. This type of work is often written by many students, but not all of them know how to create such a work correctly. To do this properly, you need to remember and understand some rules.


Choose a theme

There are many expository essay topics; such a paper can be written on any subject; for example, researching literature, you can describe in detail and analyze the position of the author or the main characters of the text. If you are writing a work on physics, you can show what the essence of any theory is. Choose any theme that is interesting and not trivial to you.

Expository essay outline

Everyone knows that the right written plan is the secret of a good paper. Expository essay format implies the creation of a clear outline. This process can take a long time. Learn all the information about the topic that you are going to explore. Write down all your thoughts and ideas on a sheet of paper. Think through the smallest details and write down absolutely everything that comes to your mind. After all, this type of essay requires a detailed description and explanation. After you have a list of interesting minds, group them according to the meaning and highlight the main thoughts. In this way, you will receive a plan template with the main and additional points.

Proper text structure

There are three main parts of an essay. They are an introduction, a body of text and conclusions. Build your text logically and consistently. Learn what specific features each paragraph of your paper has.

How to start an essay

The correct beginning of the paper is the key to its success. It is important to introduce readers to the object of your research and a number of problematic issues that you are going to analyze and explain in an expository essay. This paragraph should be as brief and clear as possible. You can describe all the details in the body of the text.

Use many terms

An expository essay is a kind of scientific writing that requires a lot of research. Therefore, there should be a lot of terms in your work. Do not avoid them; they will make your writing style more academic.

Consult your professor

If the expository essay is an unfamiliar type of paper for you and you do not understand the rules of its creation, contact your teacher and specify all the details. Organize the consultation in advance. Write a mail or call your professor and arrange a meeting. Do not hesitate to ask a lot of questions.

Use scientific sources

Description and analysis of a phenomenon should be built on the basis of the study of many scientific sources. Do not be lazy to go to the library and find all the necessary information. Many books and texts can be found on the Internet. However, be careful and use only reliable sources, such as books, theses, and publications in scientific journals. Do not quote blogs or articles from news sites.

Avoid inaccuracies

Try to find and fix all the inaccuracies and errors that you detect when checking your draft. Mistakes spoil the impression of your work and your writing skills.

Study the best college essays

In order to become a good writer, you need to read many examples of successful works. You can easily find them in the library and on the Internet or ask your professor to provide you with such samples.

Read the manuals

You can download many different manuals on any subject. Find a book about creating good expository essays and read it very attentively. Write out and remember all the most important rules and tips.